Friday, October 31, 2008

#23 Is this really the end?

Well for the official exercise it is.
This was quite a bit longer, more time consuming, and in-depth then I had thought it would be!!
I did learn quite a few things and I got to take away some really useful insight of some wonderful programs and tools. With my position with the library being assisting patrons on the computers there was so much invaluable knowledge in The 23 Things that I am really glad I took it on.
With the program being offered for everyone I was able to embrace the tasks knowing that I had done so gladly. It was an opportunity to not only grow in ability for personal interest but in practical ability as well.
I also learned that I was not alone in my difficulty with some of the processes and that was good. When you know you are not the only one struggling then you don't feel as worried about it.
Overall I am just very happy that I did this program and relatively pleased with myself for having completed it and, before the deadline for the official first batch was over as well!!
I want to let people know of my thanks for this opportunity and the hard work that went into hammering all of this out to personalize this for us OPLers.
I hope everyone else learned a few good things too.
Good night and good luck!!

#22 Media and Book Downloads

Lets start. Is it just me or is everyone having some problems with the links still coming back "The webpage cannot be found"? Good thing I am resourceful! I found some instructions with a search engine.
I had already tried MyLibraryDV and I had been hearing good things about Tumblebooks but I hadn’t really understood what was being explained to me so I didn't go and check it out. Here was a perfect opportunity to see what the buzz was about and I was not disappointed!! This is fantastic! I cannot believe all of the books they have on there! This is just wonderful to have available. It is so easy to use that I can see my son starting off a story on his own. I love the different reading levels and the ability to play them without the voice. This kind of has a reading rainbow feel with the way they scan the page and the slight animations. I would whole heartedly recommend this to patrons. I think I would show them Tumblebboks while explaining why it is so nice so they can see how truly unintimidating it is! What a great tool to have at our disposal!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

#21 Podcasts, Smodcasts!

I did quite a few searches and I finally found a review feed that appeals to me. Comic Book Savant deals with reviews of main stream comic books lines and graphic novels. Things like this are handy so you can get some insight in to thing you want to read. I like being able to seek out different reviews. There are some library sponsored ones and I think that is great! There is less bias in something like that and you don't have to worry about content being inappropriate. I think it might even be neat to set up a peercast. We could have teens review books out loud with a staffer and then post them for other teens to hear. I like podcasts and think they are a viable option in furthering the libraries visibility in the community.

#20 You too can YouTube

Ok my blog will cover possible library use as well as for entertainment although my chosen video is nothing but entertainment. How great is that! Assertive matters and this little guy send the clearly bigger then him dog packing. This brings home the point that you should always call before dropping by unexpectedly. This website is a time hog and you can loose yourself in the different fun videos that show the lighter side, the painful side (stunts), and the awkward side. All of this will leave you laughing cringing and questioning the fabric of society!
Now for practical application... The library could make good use of these media formats, as I believe we have before. What works better an article about a YA librarian being ducktaped and given a buzz cut, or getting to SEE the process? Makes you want to read more books during the summer doesn't it? Even mini tutorials would be handy. Something we could get setup for first time adult learners to watch to help them get acquainted with the mouse functions and some basic PC programs. I think it isn't a matter of deciding if it is useful as much as deciding if you can handle the extra hits!

#19 Discovering web 2.0 tools

Ah yes, a project everyone should be able to get behind! There is nothing like a big list of useful possibilities to help you feel excited! I chose my selection from the Web 2.0 awards!
As a PSA I was interested in finding a source that was of use to me in job and could be applied everyday and I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered I have always been a big fan of photobucket for digital storage for remote access but this site brings it to a whole new level!
Esnips has a community feel that photobucket didn't that links people with similar interests together. It even has a karaoke section that you can post your warbles for all to hear!! Maybe not the best idea, but still a fun one. The main glory that is this site is the free 5 GB of storage space for you to store your photos, documents, pictures, and even music! You can see read and listen to many different things. If you use it to store your own, you can fit quite a bit on there. Then, you can link your picture back for all to see and show off your stuff.
Tired of carrying around a disc that might get scratched with your resume on it? Store it here and access it anytime you are at a pc with internet access. At this point in time I am sure you can see why as a PSA I think this tool has some great things to offer. But don't take my word for it! :0

#18 Web-based Apps


Oh fun!~ I am publishing this from ZOHO Writer!!

    I am a big fan of web based apps and portable apps and you almost have to be to help some of our patrons get some of the things done that they want. Being familiar with quite a few has prevented some upset visits when people find out they cannot download and install an application to our PC.

    I like the diversity that this enables you to have and frankly since it can work with word it is pretty handy to know about if you have a friend who doesn't have word at their house and I know one, it will enable you to work with your word files. Spell check is actually my main use for word type programs but I do like the ability to publish your post from here as well. I love that the layout is familiar to buttons we are already using.

    I don't think I will use this program a lot but I can see myself using it again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#17 Playing around with PBWiki

I am pretty familiar with coding and I was even a little uncomfortable with this one.... I was able to add my link to the bottom but I didn't feel very sure of my efforts until I had saved and actually was able to follow my newly posted link back to my blog....
As I enjoy basic coding and the idea of being able to play around with new things there is some fun to be found in the site, but only if you can overcome the foreign feel it has. From signing up to editing a post that hundreds before you have already touched it is an entirely new experience.
I agree that this is a pleasure site as even the name implies. What is more fun and playful then a PB & J Sandwich?? So put on your floaties and jump in! I don't know that I will use this one a whole lot but it was interesting to give it a try and to know more about it.